Gayatra gAyatra m. n. a song , hymn n. a hymn composed in the Gayatri metre the Gayatri metre N. of a Saman mf({I})n. consisting in or connected with the Gayatri (e.g. in accordance with the number of syllables of a Gayatri verse) with {vrata} = {brahma-carya} {I}) f. an ancient metre of twentyfour syllables (variously arranged , but generally as a triplet of eight syllables each) , any hymn composed in the Gayatri metre tatsaviturvarNyambhargodevasyadhImahidhiyoyonaHpracodayAt this is a very sacred verse repeated by every Brahman at his morning and evening devotions ; from being addressed to Savitri or the Sun as generator , it is also called Savitri the Gayatri verse is personified as a goddess , the wife of Brahma and mother of the four Vedas it is often mentioned in connection with the Amrita , both together constituting as it were the essence and type of sacred hymns in general ; the Gayatri personified is also considered as the mother of the first three classes in their capacity of twice-born some other verse [perhaps RV. x , 9 , 1] is denoted by Gayatri with Tantrikas a number of mystical verses are called Gayatris , and each deity has one in particular) N. of Durga Acacia Catechu

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