amrta amRta not dead immortal imperishable beautiful , beloved m. an immortal , a god N. of Siva ; of Vishnu, of Dhanvantari the plant Phaseolus Trilobus the root of a plant {A}) f. a goddess spirituous liquor Emblica Officinalis Terminalia Citrina Roxb. Cocculus Cordifolius , Piper Longum , Ocymum Sanctum N. of the mother of Parikshit of Dakshayani of a sister of Amritodana Buddh. of a river of the first {kalA} the moon {am}) n. collective body of immortals world of immortality , heaven , eternity also {Ani} n. pl. immortality final emancipation the nectar (conferring immortality , produced at the churning of the ocean) , ambrosia (or the voice compared to itN. nectar-like food antidote against poison N. of a medicament medicament in general the residue of a sacrifice (cf. amReta-bhuj}) unsolicited alms water milk L. clarified butter (cf. {paJAmRta}) boiled rice anything sweet , a sweetmeat a pear food property gold quicksilver poison a particular poison a ray of light of a metre of a sacred place (in the north) of various conjunctions of planets (supposed to confer long life) the number four 69 AmRta mfn. ({mR}) , killed , struck by death (cf. {an-A-}.)

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