azvattha Cologne Sanskrit Dictioanry: m. ({ttha-stha} , under which horses stand ) the holy fig tree , Ficus Religiosa AV. S3Br. &c. a vessel made of its wood RV. i , 135 , 8 ; x , 97 , 5 the upper (or male) {araNi} made of its wood AV. vi , 11 , 1 S3Br. xi KatySr. the plant Thespesia Populneoides N. of a Nakshatra (also called Srona) N. of the sun {As}) m. pl.N. of a people {A}) f. day of full moon in the month Asvina (in which month the fruit of the Ficus Religiosa generally becomes ripe) f. the small Pippala tree L. (mfn.) relating to the Nakshatra Asvattha (with {muhUrta}) the moment in which the moon enters that Nakshatra Pan. 4-2 , 5 Sch.

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