RkSa 2 mfn. (2. {RS} probably fr. {Rz}) , hurting , pernicious m. a bear (as a ravenous beast) a species of ape Bignonia Indica N. of several men of a mountain (ifc.) the best or most excellent {As}) m. pl. the seven stars , the Pleiades , the seven Rishis A}) f. N. of a wife of Ajamidha of a woman in the retinue of Skanda {I}) f. a female bear m. and ({am}) n. a star , constellation , lunar mansion {am}) n. the twelfth part of the ecliptic ; the particular star under which a person happens to be born [cf. Gk.$ ; Lat. {ursus} ; Lith. {loky-s} {olkys}.]

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