Gaea Names

Gaea Earth, Aeon of Matter and Gaea, known as the Kingdom daughter of Chaos, mother and wife of both Uranus (the sky) and Pontus (the sea) creating the Universe mother of: Ouranos, the starry sky Pontos, the sea the mountains the twelve Titans and Titanesses the three Cyclopes, who had but one eye each the three Hekatonchires, hundred-handed monsters the Erinyes, or Furies the Melic nymphs the monsters Typhon, Ladon and Echidna the sea-monster Charybdis the serpent-king Erechtheus, whose temple is the Erechtheum on the Akropolis. Gaea is considered the Mother of All, who nourishes and cares for Her children, and brings rich blessings. As Goddess of the Earth, She was also an Underworld goddess who brought all Her creations back to Her and destroyed as well as created. Gaea as the ever-present Earth was invoked in oaths as a witness, and as one who being All, knew all, was considered a goddess of prophecy: the Olympian oracle was Hers, and the famous oracle at Delphi was originally Hers, before Apollo either stole it, or before it was passed down through Her daughter Phoebe to Him. It is interesting to note that the ancient supercontinent of Earth, the primaeval union of the land before continental drift gave us the current configuration, is called Pangaea. Which literally means All Earth, but is also the names of the Great Mother Goddess and the Universal God, the Great All, Pan. Cited from website: Gaea It was the mother of all gods, the Earth Goddess Gaea, who first founded the Delphic (Womb) oracle and inspired its original Pythonesses or divinatory serpent-priestesses, according to Homeric hymns. http://www.reptilianagenda.com/research/r073101b.shtml cf. http://www.pelasgians.bigpondhosting.com/website2/12_02.htm

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