Sakata Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary zakaTa n. (rarely m. of doubtful derivation) a cart , waggon , car , carriage Nir. S3a1n3khS3r. &c. ; (with {prAjApatyam} , or {rohiNyAH} cf. {rohiNI-z-}) the five stars forming the asterism Rohin2i1 compared to a cart Ka1v. VarBr2S. &c. ; (only) n. a partic. configuration of stars and planets (when all the planets are in the Ist and 7th house) VarBr2S. ; m. n. a form of military array resembling a wedge Mn. vii , 187 ; m. Dalbergia Ougeinensis L. ; Arum Colacasia L. ; an implement for preparing grain MW. ; w.r. for %{zAkaTa} q.v. N. of a man , g. , %{naDA7di} ; of a demon slain by the child Kr2ishn2a S3is3. ; m. or n. (?) N. of a place Cat. ; (%{I}) f. see below.

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