mwd) aGga Colgne Sanskrit Dcitionary: 2 n. ( {am} Un2.) , a limb of the body ; a limb , member ; the body ; a subordinate division or department , especially of a science , as the six Vedangas ; hence the number six N. of the chief sacred texts of the Jainas ; a limb or subdivision of Mantra or counsel (said to be five , viz. 1. {karmaNAmArambhopAyaH} , means of commencing operations ; 2. {puruSa-dravya-sampad} , providing men and materials ; 3. {deza-kAla-vibhAga} , distribution of place and time ; 4. {vipatti-pratIkAra} , counter-action of disaster ; 5.%{kArya-siddhi} , successful accomplishment ; whence {mantra} is said to be {paJcAGga}) ; any subdivision , a supplement ; (in Gr.) the base of a word , but in the strong cases only Pan2. 1-4 , 13 seqq. ; anything inferior or secondary , anything immaterial or unessential , see {aGga-tA} ; (in rhetoric) an illustration ; (in the drama) the whole of the subordinate characters ; an expedient a mental organ , the mind m. sg. or ({As}) m. pl.N. of Bengal proper or its inhabitants (sg.)N. of a king of Anga (mfn.) having members or divisions contiguous

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