kSetra Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary n. (2. {kSi}) landed property , land , soil ({kSetrasyapati} lord of the soil N. of a kind of tutelary deity also {kSetrasyapatnI} mistress of the soil and {kSetrANAmpati} , the lord of the soil N. of tutelary deities soil of merit , a Buddha or any holy person a field (e.g. {-traM-kR} , to cultivate a field place , region , country a house a town department , sphere of action place of origin , place where anything is found a sacred spot or district , place of pilgrimage (as Benares &c. ; often ifc.) an enclosed plot of ground , portion of space , superficies (e.g. {sv-alpa-kS-} , of a small circuit (in geom.) a plane figure (as a triangle , circle , &c.) enclosed by lines , any figure considered as having geometrical dimensions a diagram a planetary orbit a zodiacal sign an astrological mansion (in chiromancy) certain portions marked out on the palm fertile soil , the fertile womb , wife the body (considered as the field of the indwelling soul) (in Samkhya phil.) = {a-vyakta} (q.v.) Tattvas. ; ({I}) f. only dat. {-triyai} for {-triyAt} [cf. {a-kS-} , {anya-} and {kuru-kSetra} , {karma-kS-} , {deva-kS-} , {dharma-kS-} , {raNa-kS-} , {siddha-kS-} , {su-kS-} , {surezvarI-kS-} ; cf. also Goth. {haithi} , Them. {haithjo} ; Germ. {Heide}.]

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