piGgala mf({A} and {I}) Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary n. (cf. g. {gaurAdi} and {kaDArAdi}) reddish-brown , tawny , yellow , goldcoloured AV. &c. &c , ; (in alg. also as N. of the 10th unknown quantity) having reddish-brown eyes m. yellow colour fire. an ape an ichneumon a small kind of owl a small kind of lizard a species of snake a partic. vegetable poison (with Jainas) N. of a treasure the 51st (or 25th) year in a 60 years cycle of Jupiter N. of Siva or a kindred being of an attendant of Siva of an attendant of the Sun of a Rudra of a Yaksha of a Danava of a Naga or serpent-demon (the supposed author of the Chandas or treatise on metre regarded as one of the Vedangas , identified by some with Patanjali , author of the Maha-bhashya) of sev. ancient sages pl. N. of a people f. a species of bird a kind of owl Dalbergia Sissoo = {karNikA} a kind of brass a partic. vessel of the body (the right of 3 tubular vessels which according to the Yoga philosophy are the chief passages of breath and air a kind of yellow pigment (= {go-rocanA}) N. of Lakshmi of a courtezan who became remarkable for her piety of the female elephant of the South quarter of an astrological house or period heart-pea a partic. metal yellow orpiment

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