mwd) aGgAra m. (rarely) n. ( {ag} or {aGg} Un2. cf. {agni}) , charcoal , either heated or not heated m. the planet Mars N. of a prince of the Maruts the plant Hitavali {As}) m. pl.N. of a people and country [cf. Lith. {angli-s} ; Russ. {u1golj} ; also Germ. {Kohle} ; Old Germ. {col} and {colo} ; Eng. {coal}]. 108 (mwd) AGgAra n. (fr. {aGgAra}) , a heap of charcoal , (g. {bhikSAdi} q.v.) 109 (cap) aGgAra m. n. coal; {-kA}Å m. the same; the planet Mars.

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