kaNa Cologne Sanskrit Dicitonary m. (Nir. vi , 30 ; related to {kanA} , {kaniSTha} , {kanIyas} , {kanyA} , in all of which smallness is implied a grain , grain of corn , single seed a grain or particle (of dust) flake (of snow) a drop (of water) a spark (of fire) the spark or facet of a gem ; any minute particle , atom {A}) f. a minute particle , atom , drop ; long pepper cummin seed a kind of fly (= {kumbhIra-makSikA}) {I}) f. = {kaNikA} below {am}) n. a grain , single seed (cf. {kaniSTha}.) 16 (cap) kaNa m. a small grain or single seed flake, drop, spark atom, a bit

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