guha m. (g. {azmAdi}) reared in a secret place N. of Skanda (the god ; cf. Karttikeya) N. of Siva of Vishnu of a king of the Nishadas (friend of Rama) N. belonging to persons of the writer caste a horse a swift horse m. pl.N. of a people in the south of India (2. {guhA}) f. (ganas vRSAdi} and {bhidAdi}) a hiding-place , cave , cavern ifc. f. {A} (fig.) the heart Hemionitis cordifolia (cf. {prati-g-}) ; Desmodium gangeticum (3. {guhA}), Ved. instr. ind. in a hiding-place , in secret , secretly (opposed to {Avis} , and especially with {dhA} , {ni-dhA} , {kR} to conceal , remove .

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