jalaja mfn. produced or born or living or growing in water , coming from or peculiar to water m. an aquatic animal , fish Barringtonia acutangula sea-salt N. of several signs of the zodiac connected with water (also n. L.) a conch-shell (used as a trumpet n. = {-ja-dravya} , = {-ruh} M a kind of ebony {-la-da}) ; = {-la-kuntala} L. ; = {-vetasa} L. ({A}) f. a kind of Glycyrrhiza L. ;{-kusuma} n.water-flower , lotus , in comp. {-ma-yoni} m. lotus-born {jalaja-dravya} n. any sea-product , pearl , shel {-sumanA} f. Andropogon aciculatus {-jAkskhI} f. a lotus-eyed woman {-jAjIva} m. pl. living on fishes the inhabitants of the east coast {-jAsana} m. lotus-seated {-jekSaNA} f. = {-jAhSI}

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