mwd) bhU Cologbe Sanskrit Dictionary: 2 mfn. becoming , being , existing , springing , arising (ifc. ; cf. {akSi-} , {giri-} , {citta-} , {padmabhU} &c.) m. N. of Vishnu of an Ekaha f. the act of becoming or arising the place of being , space , world or universe (also pl.) the earth (as constituting one of the 3 worlds , and therefore a symbolical N. for the number one ) one of the three Vyahritis (see {bhuvas} , {bhUr} , pp. 760 and 763) ; earth (as a substance) , ground , soil , land , lauded property floor , pavement a place , spot , piece of ground the base of any geometrical figure object , matter (see {vivAdasaMvAda-bhU}) a term for the letter {l} a sacrificial fire to present to the mind , think about , consider , know , recognize as or take for Lat. {fuit} , {fuat} Slav. {byti} Lith. {buti} Germ. {bim} , {bim} Angl. Sax. {beo} ; Eng. {be}.]

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