vaNA vaNa m. sound , noise MW. (cf. {dhig-v-}). 4 vAna 1 mfn. blown (cf. {nir-vANa}) blowing a perfume , fragrance living going , moving , rolling the rolling of water or of the tide (esp. the high wave in Indian rivers , commonly called the Bore 5 vANa 1 m. (fr. {vaN} ; often written {bANa} q.v.) sounding , a sound an arrow (see {bANa} music (esp. of flutes , harps (here written {bANa}) a harp with 100 strings n. the sound of a partic. little hand-drum 6 vANa 2 w.r. for {vAna} in {vAnadaNDa} and {vAnaprastha} (see 3. and 6. {vAna}). 7 vAna 2 mfn. (fr. {vai} dried &c. ; n. dry or dried fruit a kind of bamboo manna 8 vAna 3 n. (fr. {ve}) the act of weaving or sewing (reckoned among the 64 Kalas) a mat of straw 9 vAna 4 m. or n. (?) a hole in the wall of a house 10 vAna 5 m. an intelligent man N. of Yama. 11 vAna 6 mf({I})n. (fr. 1. {vana} , p. 917) relating to a wood or to a dwelling in a wood n. a dense wood Nalod. a multitude of woods or groves or thickets . 12 vAnA f. a quail. 13 vAna &c. see 3. {vAna} 14 vAna mfn. dried &c. (see 2. {vAna}

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