Nidana 10. bhava

10. becoming: orgasmic copulation bhava bhava Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary bhava m. ( {bhU}) coming info existence , birth , production , origin (= {bhAva} ifc. , with f. {A} = arising or produced from , being in , relating to) becoming , turning into (comp.) being , state of being , existence , life (= {sat-tA} (cf. {bhavAntara}) ; worldly existence , the world (= {saMsAra} (with Buddhists) continuity of becoming (a link in the twelvefold chain of causation) well-being , prosperity , welfare , excellence (= {zreyas} obtaining , acquisition (= {Apti} , {prApti}) a god , deity. N. of Agni of a deity attending on Rudra and frequently connected with Sarva (later N. of Siva or a form of Siva ; or N. of a Rudra , and as such of the number 11 or of the 11th lunar mansion du. {bhavau} = Bhava i.e. Siva and his wife Bhavani of the 1st and 4th Kalpa of a Sadhya of a king of a son of Pratihartri of Viloman of a rich man of an author n. the fruit of Dillenia Speciosa L. ; = {bhavya} , {bhaviSya} , (bhAvana}

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