ardha ardha 2 mfn. (m. pl. {ardhe} or {ardhas} half. halved , forming a half [cf. Osset. {ardag}] ; {ardha}.. {ardha} (or {nima}.. {ardha} one part , the other part ; (as} , {am}) m. n. (ifc. f. {A}) the half. {am}) n. one part of two {kR} , to give or leave to anybody (acc.) an equal share of (gen.) a part , party loc. ind. in the middle in comp. with a subst. means the half part of anything with an adj. or past Pass. p. half also with an adj. indicating measure [ a peculiar kind of compound is formed with ordinals [ e.g. {ardha-tRtIya} , containing a half for its third , i.e. two and a half {ardha-caturtha} , having a half for its fourth , three and a half.)

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