mwd) veGkaTa m. (Prakrit for {vyaGkaTa}) N. of a very sacred hill in the Dravida country (in the district of North Arcot , about 80 miles from Madras ; it reaches an elevation of about 2 ,500 feet above the sea-level , and on the summit is the celebrated temple dedicated to Krishna or Vishnu in his character of Lord of Venkata , also called Sri-pati or Tirupati , whence the hill is sometimes popularly known as Tri-pati ; it is annually thronged with thousands of pilgrims of a king of Vijaya-nagara (the patron. of Appaya Dikshita) (also with {adhvarin} , {AcArya} , {kavi} , {bhaTTa} , {yajvan} , {yogin} &c.) N. of various authors and teachers ib.

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