mwd) darzana The 6 Darshanas were linked with 6 Kinds of Script. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mf({I})n. showing. ifc. seeing , looking at (see {tulya-} , {deva-} , {sama-}.) knowing see {dharma-} ; exhibiting , teaching n. seeing , observing , looking , noticing , observation , perception ocular perception the eye-sight inspection , examination visiting audience , meeting (with gen. Can. ; instr. with or without {saha} ; in comp. experiencing foreseeing contemplating apprehension , judgment discernment , understanding , intellect opinion intention (cf. {pApa-}) view , doctrine , philosophical system (6 in number) the eye the becoming visible or known , presence appearance (before the judge) the being mentioned (in any authoritative text) a vision , dream ifc. appearance , aspect , semblance colour showing (cf. {danta-}) a mirror a sacrifice = {dharma} {I}) f. Durga N. of an insect {a-} ,{su-}.

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