Pracetas These Prachetas were supposed to look after the world and rule over it, but they were not interested in such mundane matters. They went off instead to perform tapasya under the ocean. The tapasya went on for ten thousand years. The upshot was that the earth had no ruler and began to suffer. People started to die and thick forests sprouted everywhere. So thick were the forests that even the winds could not blow. News of this catastrophe reached the Prachetas. They were furious with the trees and created wind (vayu) and fire (agni) from their mouths. The wind dried up the trees and the fire burnt them, so that, very soon, there were very few trees left on earth. Everyone was alarmed at the effects of the Prachetas’ anger. The moon-god Soma (or Chandra) came to the Prachetas with a beautiful woman and said, Prachetas, please control your anger. You need someone to rule over the world so that you can concentrate on your tapasya. This beautiful woman is named Marisha, she is the daughter of the trees. Marry her and you will have a son named Daksha. He will rule over the world. The Prachetas agreed to this proposal and Daksha was born. Cited from website: Brahma Purana. Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary pracetas ({pra-}) mfn. attentive , observant , mindful , clever , wise (said of the gods , esp. of Agni and the Adityas) RV. AV. VS. TS. happy , delighted m. N. of Varuna Hariv. Kalid. BhP. of a Praja1-pati (an ancient sage and law-giver) Mn. i , 35 ({-smRti} f. N. of wk.) of a prince (son of Duduha) of a son of Duryaman of a son of Dur-mada pl. (w.r. {prAc-}) N. of the 10 sons of Pracina-barhis by a daughter of Varuna (they are the progenitors of Daksha) MBh. Hariv. Pur.

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