cap) koTi {-TI} f. the curved end of the bow, of claws etc. the horns of the moon edge or point i.g., utmost degree, highest number (= 10 millions). otl) kOTi 03 1. crore, ten millions; 2. large number; 3. multitude, as of living beings; 4. a vast army consisting of 64 akkuro1n2i; 5. a score, as in counting precious stones, silk, etc.; 6. row,; 7. end, tip, point; 8. cape, headland, promontory; 9. nook, corner; 10. backside or backyard of a house; 11. edge, as of a verandah; bead, as in carpentry; 12. rear of an army; 13. limit, bounds; 14. weir of a tank, outlet for the surplus water; 15. slight hint; 16. argument or points raised in a debate; 17. a quality in diamond

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