RSabha m. (fr. 2. {RS} Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary a bull (as impregnating the flock ; cf. {vRSabha} and {ukSan}) any male animal in general the best or most excellent of any kind or race (cf. {puruSarSabha} , &c.) the second of the seven notes of the Hindu gamut (abbreviated into Ri) a kind of medicinal plant a particular antidote a particular Ekaha (q.v.) the fifteenth Kalpa N. of several men of an ape of a Naga of a mountain of a Tirtha ; ({As}) m. pl. the inhabitants of Kraunca-dvipa N. of a people ({I}) f. a woman with masculine peculiarities (as with a beard &c.) a widow Carpopogon Pruriens another plant [cf. Zd. {arSan} ; Gk. ]

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