Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary:
granthi 1 m. a knot , tie , knot of a cord , knot tied in the end of a garment for keeping money bunch or protuberance of any kind (esp. if produced by tying several things together) the joint of a reed or cane joint of the body a complaint , (knotting i.e.) swelling and hardening of the vessels (as in varicocele) a knot tied closely and therefore difficult to be undone difficulty , doubt a bell N. of several plants and bulbous roots ({granthi-parNa} , {hitAvalI} , {bhadra-mustA} , {piNDAlu}) (cf. {udara-} , {kaTu-} , {kAla-} , {kRmi-} , {keza-} , {go-} , {dAma-} , &c.)

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