dviguNa (or {dvi-g-}) mfn. double , twofold , of 2 kinds doubled i.e. folded (garment) S3Br. ; twice as large or as much as (abl.) (comp.) compar. {-tara} -taram} ind. {-tA} f. Var. {-tva} n. Amar. ;{-Naya} , NomP. {-yati} to double , multiply by 2 -Nita} mfn. doubled Kir. {-NA} ind. with {kR} , to plough twice {-NA-karNa} mfn. having an ear divided by a slit (cattle) {-NAya} , {-yate} , to become double {-NI-kR} , to double , make twofold {-NI-bhU} , to become double , grow , increase

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