trivikrama Cologne Sanskrit Dicitonary n. the 3 steps (of Vishnu) R. vi Kum. (in comp.) mfn. or m. who strided over the 3 worlds in 3 steps (Vishnu) m. N. of a Brahman Sukas. of the author of a work (called after him Traivikrami) of a medical author and of a mixture (called after him) Rasendrac. = {-bhaTTa} {-tIrtha} n. N. of a Tirtha RevaKh. cclxxi {-deva} m. N. of an author {-bhaTTa} m. N. of the author of Nalac. {-sena} m. N. of a prince {-mAcArya} m. N. of an astronomer.

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