pitA piTa m. or n. a basket , box L. ; a roof L. ; a sort of cupboard or granary made of bamboos or canes W. 2 pitA nom. of {pitR} in comp. 3 pIta 1 mfn. (1. {pA}) drunk , sucked , sipped , quaffed , imbibed RV. &c. &c. ifc. having drunk , soaked , steeped , saturated , filled with (also with instr.) Mn. MBh. (cf. g. {AhitAgny-Adi}) n. drinking 4 pIta 2 mf({A})n. (possibly fr. 2. {pi} or {pyai} , the colour of butter ind oil being yellowish) yellow (the colour of the Vaisyas , white being that of the Brahmans , red that of the Kshatriyas , and black that of the Sudras) GrS. Up. MBh. &c. m.. yellow colour a yellow gem , topaz a yellow pigment prepared from the urine of kine N. of sev. plants (Alangium Hexapetalum , Carthamus Tinctorius , Trophis Aspera) of the Vaisyas in Salmala-dvipa {A}) f. N. of sev. plants (Curcuma Longa and Aromatica , a species of Dalbergia Sissoo , a species of Musa , Aconitum Ferox , Panicuni Italicum = {mahA-jyotihmatI}) a kind of yellow pigment (= {go-rocanA}) a mystical N. of the letter {S} Up. n. a yellow substance ChUp. gold yellow orpiment .

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