nirRti (%{ni4r-}) f. dissolution , destruction , calamity , evil , adversity RV. &c. &c. (personified as the goddess of death and corruption and often associated with Mrityu , A-rati variously regarded as the wife of A-dharma , mother of Bhaya , Maha-bhaya and Mrityu [MBh.] or as a daughter of A-dharma and Hinsa and mother of Naraka and Bhaya binds mortals with her cords is regent of the south [AV.] and of the asterism Mula [Var.]) the bottom or lower depths of the earth (as the seat of putrefaction) m. death or the genius of death N. of a Rudra of one of the 8 Vasus {ni-kRti}) ; {-gRhIta} ({nir-R-}) mfn. seized by Nir-riti {-pAza} m. the fetters of Nir-riti

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