viSama mf({A})n. (fr. {vi} + {sama}) uneven , rugged , rough unequal , irregular , dissimilar , different , inconstant odd , not even (in numbers &c.) that which cannot be equally divided (as a living sheep among three or four persons) hard to traverse , difficult , inconvenient , painful , dangerous , adverse , vexatious , disagreeable , terrible , bad , wicked (ibc. terribly .) hard to be understood unsuitable , wrong unfair , dishonest , partial rough , coarse , rude , cross odd , unusual , unequalled m. a kind of measure N. of Vishnu {I}) f. N. of various wks. n. unevenness , uneven or rough ground or place ({sama-viSameSu} , on even and uneven ground bad road oddness (of numbers) a pit , precipice difficulty , distress , misfortune unevenness , inequality ({eNa} ind. unequally (in rhet.) incongruity , incompatibility pl. (with {bharad-vAjasya}) N. of Samans {am}) ind. unequally , unfairly MW. ; {-karNa} mfn. having unequal diagonals Col. m. or n. (?) any four-sided figure with unequal diagonals MW. ; the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle (esp. as formed between the gnomon of a dial and the extremities of the shadow) .... god of love

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