Guttural In the Indian System there are 7 Classes (Vargas) of sounds. These include the kavarga (ka-varga} Guttural letters {ca-kAra-v-}: k kh g gh gn (ch) k kh g gh ng (ch) They are known as the 12 Impure Sounds and linked with the 12 Petals of the Lotus or 12 Petalled White Lotus and Chakra 4. Cf. the interpretation of Kahir the sounds of the alphabet are linked with the chakras: Vowels, Guttural, Dental, Labial, Sibilants In Hebrew, the Gutturals are H Ch O, linked with the throat and and part of the 12 Simple Letters In the interpretation of Alistair Crowley the Gutturals are:G Ch K Q Linked with the Planet Mars: http://www.shrifreedom.com/mantra-akshara.shtml

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