bAhu Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: bAhu 1 m. and (L.) f. (fr. {bah} , {baMh} ; for 2. {bAhu} see col. 3) the arm , (esp.) the fore-arm , the arm between the elbow and the wrist (opp. to {pra-gaNDa} q.v. in medic. the whole upper extremity of the body , as opp. to {sakthi} , the lower extremity) the arm as a measure of length (= 12 Angulas) the fore-foot of an animal (esp. its upper part) the limb of a bow the bar of a chariot-pole the post (of a door ; see {dvAra-b-}) the side of an angular figure (esp. the base of a right-angled triangle) the shadow of the gnomon on a sun-dial (also du.) the constellation Ardra m. N. of a Daitya of a prince (who brought ruin upon his family by his illegal actions) of a son of Vrika of a son of Vajra [Cf. Gk. Germ. {buog} , {Bug} ; Angl. Sax. {bo1g} ; Eng. {bough}.]

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