mRgashIrA ‘the head of wild game beast’ andhaka (blind), AryikA (honourable woman), and invaka (pervading). mRgashIrA or AgrahAYanI (মৃগশীরা, আগ্রহায়নী) The former means ‘the head of wild game beast’, and the latter is related to ‘beginning of the year’. It is represented by the head of an antelope and consists of the three stars in Orion: λ and φ1,2. λ is the junction star with ArdrA. It is also called mRgashIrSa (মৃগশীর্ষ) (same meaning), andhaka (অন্ধক) (blind), AryikA (আর্যিকা) (honourable woman), and invaka (ইন্বক) (pervading). The entire constellation of orion was originally pictured as prajApati (প্রজাপতি) (meaning ‘lord of creatures’) in the form of a mRga (মৃগ) (meaning ‘game animal’; α or Betelgeuze which forms the left forearm and therefore called bAhu (বাহু), β or Rigel, γ or Bellatrix also called bAhu, and κ forming the legs and feet of the animal) going after his daughter rohiNI (the previous asterism; sometimes uSas (উষা), the morning or evening light appears instead). The nearby mRgavyAdha (মৃগব্যাধ) (meaning ‘hunter of game animal’, called Sirius in the west) stopped him with an arrow (iSus trikANDa (ইষুস্ত্রিকাণ্ড), meaning ‘arrow in three pieces’, identified with the belt of orion consisiting of δ, ε, ζ). This arrow is now also considered part of the asterism. A human concept of prajapati is in the description of hastA to anurAdhA below. http://tanmoy.tripod.com/naksatra.html

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