Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary 
pArtha or {pArthona} = Sanskrit = m. (in astron.) = as (the Virgo of the zodiac Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary pArtha 1 m. (fr. {pRthi}) patr. of Tanva RAnukr. n. N. of 12 sacred texts (ascribed to Prithi Vainya and repeated during the ceremony of unction in the Raja-suya sacrifice) Br. KatySrS. of sev. Samans Br. Laty. 12 pArtha 2 m. (fr. {pRthA}) metron. of Yudhi-shthira or Bhima-sena or Arjuna (esp. of the last ; pl. the 5 sons of Pandu) MBh. (cf. IW. 381 n. 4) N. of a king of Kasrriira (son of Pangu) and of another man Rajat. Terminalia Arjuna L. 1 3 pArtha 3 m.= %{pArthiva} , a prince , king L. 14 pArtha 4 or {pArthona} m. (in astron.) = as (the Virgo of the zodiac).

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