dvidhA ({dvi-}) ind. in 2 ways or parts , twofold , divided {-karaNa} n. the dividing into 2 , making twofold , arranging in two ways {--kAra} ({-dhak-}) mfn. of 2 kinds , twofold -kAram} ind. dividing into 2 parts {kR} , to divide {-gati} m. going in 2 ways , a crab or crocodile {gam} , to be divided or split --tmaka} ({-dhAtm-}) n. nutmeg (as being of 2 kinds?) {-bhAvam} ind. being divided into 2 parts {bhU} , to be divided or separated {-bhUtAkRti} mfn. of a twofold shape (leech) {-lekhya} mfn. to be written in 2 ways m. Phoenix Paludosa {-sthita

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