Anu 1. 43. The Star Behind It: The Agrarian Worker

43. The star behind it: the agrarian worker (LU).CHUN.GA), d.Dumuzi AK: This is Perseus whose feet run to Aries. As Papke notes, Sumerian Dumuzi (Tammuz), Akkadian Enkidu, in the most ancient scripts was the lover and husband of Inana queen of heaven, Sumerian E.AN.NA, and here he is found together with her in the heavens in the path of Anu. Philon of Byblos reporting the 14th century BC works of the Phoenician writer Sanchuniathon states that Tammuz-Adon in Byblos was also Hebrew Adon sade King of the Fields Sumerian CHUN.GA = Latvian KUNGA (dative) sir, Mr. KUNDZE lady, Mrs.

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