Anu 2. 01. The Heavenly Steer (GU4.AN.NA)

Column II 1. The heavenly steer (GU4.AN.NA), the god of the (wooden)-tablet (GISH)Le, the Crown of Anu. AK: According to Papke, this is Taurus, the steer. Sumerian GU4.AN.NA steer = Latvian GUOV-INA dim. steer, cow. Sumerian GISH.LE wooden is Latvian KOKLE or KOCELE wooden, of wood) which are the stars around alpha-Tauri, i.e.Aldebaran and the Hyades. Sumerian GU4 (one of at least four GU- symbols in Sumerian) is differentiated in Sumerian from other GU- symbols, since a correct transcription is GOUV-.

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