Nutsirda (Prince-of-the-Serpent), called in Semitic Namassu, The Reptile. Nutsir-da, also called An-u-gie, Lord-of-the-Underworld, was connected to the god Sagimu: the ideographs of his name express mouth and invoke which indicates he may have been Lord of Invocation, presiding over dead bodies and disease. The archaic lunar zodiac of The Tablet of the 30 Stars from Birs-Nimroud, which goes back at least 5,000 years, lists as Asterism XXV Kakkab Mulu-Bat // Pa-gar, a-sig: The Asterism Man-of-Death || The Corpse, the Fever made up of Epsilon (Yed Posterior) & Delta (Yed Prior) Ophiuchi, the stars in the left hand of the figure, grasping the Serpent. Cited from Website Ground of Heaven

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