5 Dionysi

5 Dionysi We [the peoples of the Roman Empire] have a number of Dionysi [gods identified with Dionysos].
The first [the Orphic Zagreus] is the son of Jupiter [Zeus] and Proserpine [Persephone];
the second [the Egyptian Osiris] of Nile - he is the fabled slayer of Nysa. T
he father of the third [Phrygian Sabazios] is Cabirus; it is stated that he was king over Asia, and the Sabazia were instituted in his honour.
The fourth [the Thraco-Orphic Sabazios] is the son of Jupiter [Thrakian sky-god] and Luna [Bendis]; the Orphic rites are believed to be celebrated in his honour.
The fifth [the Theban Dionysos] is the son of Nisus [Zeus] and Thyone [Semele], and is believed to have established the Trieterid festival.- Cicero, De Natura Deorum 3.21-23 Cited from Website: Family of Dionysios.

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