Triple Goddess Terms

The Mahadevi or Great Goddess or the Mother Goddess or the Great mother leads to three goddesses which represent
3 Phases of Moon
3 Ages of Woman: Maiden Woman Old Woman (Crone).
Devi Sarasvati Lakshmi
Kali Lakshmi Durga
Demeter Persephone Crone
In Greece: Triple Goddess--Kore (whose name means simply The Maiden), Demeter (Earth/Barley Mother) and Persephone (Destroyer of Light), the Crone or Death-goddess. Within Herself, the Goddess (and Woman) contains the whole cycle of life, from birth to death to rebirth. Cited from website Kore.
This notion of 3 goddesses links with 3 phases of the moon and is found in India as the 3 goddesses of the sacred thread (cf 3 fates) and 3 goddesses of the Sri Yantra.

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