Mahadevi sometimes, simply called Devi (q.v.) literally means Great Goddess and applies in India to: Lakshmi Durga Kali (or Mahakali) who are the basis of the Triple Goddess (q.v.) and represent: 3 Phases of Moon 3 Seasons 3 Phases of Life 3 Goddesses and represent multiple 3-fold aspects: Mama (Divine Nutritive Force) Trinacria Triskell Trisle This Great goddess also generates the Divine Mothers (7,8,9, 16) who are also called the Astha-Matrikas or 8 Mothers of the Matrix. This 8 becomes the Ashtar (q.v.) of the Sri Yantra, which then goes west to become: Ishtar, Athirat, Asherah,Ostara. Easter. Meanwhile, the three forms of god as the Trimurti combine with their 3 Shaktis (consorts) to create 9 forms of Durga: Nava Durga. Durga is then multiplied and becomes as goddess of 108 names, 1000 names and 1008 names. Lecture 28a: Sin to Sun: Great Mother

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