8 Healing Gods

a 8 Healing Gods After Enki has eaten the 8 plants, he becomes ill in 8 places in his body and Inanna creates 8 Healing gods. Part that Hurts God Created to Heal . . god Abu hip god Nintul tooth goddess Ninsutu mouth goddess Ninkasi side goddess Dazimua rib goddess Ninti MY . . . god Enshagag For the little ones to which I gave birth . . Let Abu be the king of the plants, Let Nintul be the lord of Magan, Let Ninsutu marry Ninazu, Let Ninkasi be (the goddess who) sates the heart, Let Nazi marry Nindar, Let Dazimua marry Nigishzida, Let Ninti be the queen of the month, Let Enshagag be the lord of Dilmun. deities: Abu, Nintulla (Nintul), Ninsutu, Ninkasi, Nazi, Dazimua, Ninti, and Enshag (Enshagag).

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