Descent to the Nether World

Descent to the Netherworld India Savitri to save Satyavan Sumer Ninlil to save Enlil (who had raped her). Inanna to save Dumuzi shared with Gesthinanna Enkidu Akkadian Ishtar to save Tammuz Greece Alcestis Demeter to save Persephone from Hades Rome Proserpina Inanna of the Morning Star had to journey to the underworld where she was trapped and rendered naked and defenseless. Only by her cunning and strength does she gain release. Another early Venus-star deity is Ishtar, who also travels in the underworld to bring back her lover Tammuz. After a terrifying ordeal, she is returned to the land of the living because the other gods cannot abide even their utopian existence without a goddess of love. Ishtar returns to reign as the Queen of Heaven, though without her lover, Tammuz. Cited from website: Venus.

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