Khumbi Yul Lha

Khumbila, for example, is more important to the Sherpas of Khumba as the home of their patron deity Khumbu i Yulha, literally the Home God of the Khumbu . This mountain holds the collective soul of the Sherpas, a repository for their sense of identity. Cited from Website: When Wrathful Khumbila rises above the green valley of Dudh Kosi. Its sanctity has not been broken because Nepalese government has never allowed it to be climbed. I spent a few days in a Sherpa run guesthouse but did not manage to get any information from local people. Khumbila embodies the spirit of a warrior (like Shoring Yul-lha, Khumbi Yul lha is a warrior divinity). It embodies both the benevolent nature of the deity (by the white of the snow) and the warrior quality, by the Grey, dark color of rock). Apparently it is worshipped by prayers and fragrances of juniper every morning and evening, Cited from website: Nepal Himalayas

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