zivA Cologne Sanksrit Dictionary f. the energy of Siva personified as his wife (known as Durga , Parvat1 &c.) Inscr. Ka1v. Katha1s. Pur. final emancipation (= {mukti}) a euphemistic N. of a jackal (generally regarded as an animal of bad omen) N. of various plants (accord. to L. Prosopis Spicigera or Mimosa Suma ; Terminalia Chebula or Citrina , Emblica Offcinalis ; Jasminum Auriculatum ; turmeric ; Durva grass &c.) the root of Piper longum a kind of yellow pigment (= {-go-rocanA}) a kind of metre (in music) a partic. Sruti N. of the wife of Anila of the wife of Angiras of a Brahman woman ib. ; of the mother of Nemi (the 22nd Arhat of the present Avasarpin2i) L. of the mother of Rudra-bhatta of a river (In the following comp. not always , distinguishable from {ziva} m. or n.)

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