sahasrAkSa mfn. thousand-eyed all-perceiving , all-inspecting W. ; m. N. of Indra (so called from the curse of Gautama who detecting Indra in a desire to seduce his wife Ahalya covered him with a thousand marks of the female organ , afterwards changed to eyes ; a different legend is in Ra1m. i , 48) MBh. Ka1v. Pur. of Indra in the 9th Manv-antara of Purusha of Vishnu of Fire and Rudra of Siva a clear sky N. of a partic. m. or n. (?) of a place of wk. {I}) f. N. of a goddess {-jit} m. N. of a son of Ravana RamatUp. {-dhanuS-mat} mfn. provided with a rainbow {-kSezvara} m. N. of a Linga

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