Erigone Êrigonê (Born-at-Dawn) is called Alêtis because she wandered like the Moon Goddess, searching with her she-dog Maira (Glittering One) for her father Ikaros. For the farmer Ikaros had brought the gift of wine from the birthplace of Dionysos, where the God Himself had taught him viticulture. Ikaros hitched up his plough team to pull the wagon of full wine skins through the countryside, but he was killed by wild shepherds when they became drunk. The dog Maira found the corpse where they had buried it by a tree, and brought Êrigonê to it. In grief she hung herself from that very tree, around which a vine had grown; thereby her love was fulfilled. The three ascended to the heavens; Ikaros became Bootes (the Ploughman), Êrigonê became Virgo (the Virgin) and Maira became Canicula (the Little Dog), or, as others say, the Dog-star (Sirius). Cited from Website: Antheteria.

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