Anthesteria Anthestêria is a Festival of Flowers (Anthê) for Dionysos Anthios (also Antheus and Euanthês - Fair-flowering), the Blooming God. For, as Ovid (Fasti 5.345) says, Bacchus loves flowers, which herald His arrival by their appearance in the spring. At this time (c. Feb. 25-27), when also the Lesser Mysteries are held at Agrai, the Divine Child was conceived; He grew in the womb of Semele (who is Persephone) for seven months, until the time of the Greater (Eleusinian) Mysteries and grape harvest... 1st day: Pithoigia (Jar-opening) 2nd day: Khoes (Pitcher Feast) 3rd day: Khutroi (Pot Feasts) the wedding of Dionysos Cited from Website: Anthesteria

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