Castration Egypt’s solar god Ra castrated himself to bring forth a race called the Ammiu out of his blood. The phallus of the Hindu Great god Mahadeva, was removed and chopped to pieces by priestesses of the great goddess. The pieces entered the earth and gave birth to a new race of men, the Lingajas (men of the lingam, or phallus). In a Chukchi variant, the great god Raven acquired feminine secrets of magic for men by pounding his own penis into a pudding and feeding it to the goddess Miti. In Mexico, the savior Quetzalcoatl made new humans to repopulate the earth after the Flood by cutting his penis and giving blood to the lady of the serpent skirt – the goddess with many short phalli dangling about her waist, a figure also known in the Middle East as Anath. ... Uranus, Father Heaven, was castrated by his son Cronus...The Nordic Father Heaven was Odin, whose twelfth holy name was Jalkr, eunuch... alternating seasonal castrations of Set and Horus in Egypt, their severed phalli mythologically described as eyes.... Cited from Website: Castration. The statue of Horus at Coptos has a phallus in his hands which is said to have been taken from Typhon (the monster, the part of Venus-Hephaestus, that crashed into Earth). http://www.quantavolution.org/vol_08/mm_loveaffair_3_14.htm

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