Aa Ea Is given as if it were the Semitic equivalent of Enki, the lord of the earth, but it would seem to be really a Sumerian word, later written Ae, and certain inscriptions suggest that the true reading was Aa. His titles are king of the Abyss, creator of everything, lord of all, the first being seemingly due to the fact that Aa is a word which may, in its reduplicate form, mean waters, or if read Êa, house of water. He also, like Anu, is called father of the gods. As this god was likewise lord of deep wisdom, it was to him that his son Merodach went for advice whenever he was in doubt. On account of his knowledge, he was the god of artisans in general--potters, blacksmiths, sailors, builders, stone-cutters, gardeners, seers, barbers, farmers, etc. This is the Aos (a form which confirms the reading Aa) of Damascius, and the Oannes of the extracts from Berosus, Cited from Website: The Principal Gods A-a, Goddess of the sun Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Semitic Aa Maakhuer, Lion god of truthful speech Egypt http://www.myexit.org/node/35654

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