dhRtarASTra Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary m. whose empire is firm , a powerful king N. of a Naga also called Airavata of a Deva-gandharva sometimes identified with King Dharma (below) MBh. (with Buddhists N. of a king of the Gandharvas and one of the 4 Maharajas [Lalit.] or Lokapalas [Dharmas. vii] MWB. 206) of a son of the Daitya Bali of a king of Kasi (with the patr. {vaicitravIrya} Kath.) of the eldest son of Vyasa by the widow of Vicitra-virya (brother of Pandu and Vidura and born blind , husband of Gandhari and father of 100 sons of whom the eldest was Dur-yodhana ; sometimes identified with Dhrita-rash2ra and Hansa 2 chiefs of the Gandharvas) of a son of Janam-ejaya of a king of the geese (cf. Hansa , above) partic. bird pl. the 100 sons of King Dhrita-rashtra (enumerated MBh. i , 4540) ({I}) f. N. of a daughter of Tamra (mother of geese and other water-birds) MBh. R. Pur. {-tra-ja} m. son of Dhrita-rashtra N. of Dur-yodhana &c. {-trAnuja} m. younger brother of Dhrita-rashtra N. of Pandu

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