Hsiu 16. Lou

Lou Tether Friday perhaps Bellows - Bond (6 asterisms) Bond, Official in Charge of the Forest, Official in Charge of Pasturing, Square Celestial Granary, Ricks of Grain, Great General of Heaven Chinese LOU "tether" 16 = Pharaonic KEBHSENOUF 14 Kebhsenouf is another mistranscription by the Egyptologists - the hieroglyph is "pouring liquid" which is Latvian LIJ, LEJ "to pour". This is Sumero-Babylonian LU.CHUNGA, Aries, the farm hand at the head of his cow, see Werner Papke, Die Sterne von Babylon, later the star HAMAL. http://www.lexiline.com/lexiline/lexi95.htm

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